FAQ About the Qur'an and God

This page consists of a list of frequently asked questions relevant to the Qur'an and God, with a link to a section that has the answer to the question using only verses from the Qur'an, the Gospel, and the Torah, for those who use reason.

Is the Earth Flat According to the Qur'an?


How do Sunsets Occur on a Flat Earth? / How do Lunar Eclipses Occur on a Flat Earth?


Does the Qur'an Command Husbands to Beat their Wives?


Does the Qur'an Allow Marriage to a Prepubescent?


Do Women Need to Wear a Hijab?


Does the Qur'an Allow Triple Talaq for Instant Divorce?


Does the Qur'an Command Believers to Kill Disbelievers?


Does the Qur'an Command Honor Killings?


Is the Penalty for Apostasy (Leaving the Religion) Death?


Are Believers Supposed to Convert Disbelievers?


Is the Penalty for Adultery Death by Stoning?


Are Believers to Lie to Disbelievers (Taqiyya)?


Is the Bible from God?


Do Jews and Christians Go to Hell?


Will Most People be in Paradise or Hell?


How is Hell a Fair Punishment?


I am a Good Person, Why would I Go to Hell?


If I Follow my Religious Leader, will I Go to Paradise?


Did Satan Create Evil while God Created Good?


If God is All Powerful, Why does He Not Stop Evil?


Why does God Not Just Prove His Existence to All?


Why does God Need your Money?


Does God Love Everyone?


Is Muhammad the Only Prophet in the Qur'an?


Did Muhammad Start "Islam"?